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How To Have The Perfect Self-Care Day At Home

Updated: Feb 5

Most of us live very busy lives and need to consciously set aside time to relax, or else it can end up not happening. So for our very first post I'll be sharing some ideas for a perfect self care, relaxing day at home. If you don't yet feel comfortable leaving the house to go to a Spa, or simply don't want to blow the budget to have a relaxing day, we've got you covered with some great ideas on how to unwind in the comfort of your own home!

#1. Get your body moving!

There's nothing that puts me in a better mood than moving my body first thing in the morning and releasing some feel good hormones! Exercising simply because you want to show your body love feels amazing. Take the pressure off of it and just enjoy yourself! A good dance sesh is my personal favorite. Pair that with lots of water and you're off to a good start! A hydrated body is a happy body :)

#2. Fancy morning drink

We so often are rushed in the morning and settle for a plain cup of coffee to go. Today, take your sweet time to enjoy a nice morning beverage. My drink of choice is an oat milk latte, that I like to enjoy while reading a book or journaling. Just the act itself of putting effort into preparing a drink makes my mind feel calm and present.

#3. Reflect

Taking time to contemplate what's going on in our lives doesn't always first come to mind when thinking of an relaxing day, but it for sure does bring peace of mind. It's not uncommon for people to fill their days with so much to do, that they have an excuse to avoid touching on subjects that cause discomfort. Things like journaling or drawing/painting are great ways to release our emotions, making room for a calm and clear mind.

#4. Connect with nature

Connecting with nature allows me to feel deeply at peace. Nature is highly intelligent and we can learn so much by just observing. It can be through a walk or just sitting outside. Either way, I'm sure you won't regret it.

#5. Spa night

It definitely feels good to show yourself love and take some extra care of your body. Plus, there's something oddly fun about putting on face masks! Set the mood by setting up your diffuser with some lavender essential oil (you'll sleep like a baby!), and light some candles. I like to prepare myself a luxurious bath with epsom salts, flowers, oils and even fruit.

When you're done, wrap yourself around a cozy robe to finish off the night. If you have a partner, (or anyone really... I'm not judging!) you can ask them to give you a massage. Total spa experience at home! Playing some relaxing music adds a nice touch. My suggestion is the Music for Mushrooms album by East Forest.

#6. Charcuterie + Movie

If you wanna take this night one step further, how about preparing a delicious charcuterie board? Maybe pair it with chamomile tea to keep your body relaxed (or wine if that's what you're feeling!), and pick your favorite movie to watch. And please, don't think you can't do this alone! Putting effort into a solo date night is such a beautiful self appreciation act. You deserve it!

I hope you enjoy those ideas for a lovely and relaxing day. Let me know in the comments below if you tried it and what was your favorite thing to do!

With Love,


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